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“The change has been obvious to all our operators at all levels: in logistics, transport, delivery and shops. Thanks to the Pally & Lid system, handling is simplified whenever we have to move, fill or empty a roll or plastic bin. This has resulted in improved performance and user-friendliness.”

Jean-Louis Borde
Logistic & Distribution Director, Gémo
Volkswagen Kassel

Volkswagen Kassel

“The Loadhog Pallet Lid is the perfect solution to secure a load on a pallet. It is a reusable system and can easily be reused for several years. Cassettes for the strapping band can be purchased inexpensively as spare parts without having to purchase a new lid. The reusable system results in the complete elimination of waste from disposable material in the exchange of goods. The unique design with six grip zones eliminates the need to bend down to fasten and remove the wrapping film and strapping band. Thanks to the Loadhog products, we have improved our efficiency while saving costs & reducing waste!”

Patrick Kirschner, Site Optimisation & Production System
Volkswagen Group Components Kassel


“During the first two years of Agilenville’s launch, the breakage of the containers and Dollys was a real problem that affected our operating costs. Since we have been using the Loadhog Helios containers and their Dollys, we haven’t experienced any more breakages. This has resulted in significant cost and environmental benefits for us.”

Michael Mahut
Founder, Agilenville

For Services

“Our experience with the application of Loadhog’s containers is absolutely positive. They helped improve our performance significantly. According to our operators, the closure of the lids allow the stacking of several containers, thus improving considerably the vehicle fill and keeping it tidy. The Loadhog ALC are very resistant and light, so that, even after several years of use, we’ve never experienced any breakage of the product. We thus very warmly recommend the Loadhog adventure to all!”

Matteo Cantaro
Marketing Manager, For Services


“With ECOFREIGHT we offer our customers an integrated transport concept for the supply of spare parts and the disposal of empty containers. It is a project combining newly developed small load carriers, full plastic pallets and reusable pallet lids. With Loadhog solutions, we have been able to optimise our supply chain in all aspects."

Mario Graßy, Innovation Manager, Böllhoff GmbH

Penguin Random House

"With the extensive media coverage in single-use plastics, we decided to sit round the table and say what exactly can we do within our own distribution. Having been within logistics for over 20 years, I thought it was a real innovative idea to reduce single-use plastic. What we particularly liked about the Lid is just how speedily we could use the product and indeed if we could track it in and out of our operation, we realised the benefits it could give our customers and equally our suppliers. We found working with Loadhog very enlightening and their speed of response has been phenomenal, great company to work with."

Neil Springall, Head of Operations, Penguin Random House UK

Pets At Home

"We have seen significant improvements within our supply chain since incorporating the Loadhog Attached Lid Container. This new packaging solution has saved time within the DC and in-store, removing double-handling and essentially giving our employees more time to spend with our customers. Additionally the new container itself is much more presentable, improving the customer’s experience in store."

Director of Logistics and Distribution Pets At Home

New Pallet Solution – Sky & Unipart Logistics

"When we were looking for an alternative to pallet wrap, it is fair to say that there was not much out there in the marketplace. We stumbled across the Loadhog Pallet Lid on the internet and we were really taken with their product. Sky are really happy with the solution, they’ve been able to see the benefits that Loadhog can offer us as a business. I would highly recommend the Loadhog Lid as well as the service they provide to any other company looking for this kind of solution."

Roz Jacobs, Sky Account Support Manager, Unipart Logistics


"The Loadhog Pallet Lid system brings us significant labour efficiencies at our distribution centre. Alongside the labour savings, it also reduces our shrink wrap waste to landfill by over 7 million metres per year."

Consolidation Centre Operations Manager, Clipper Logistics


"The Loadhog system brings us significant labour efficiencies and flow in every stage of the logistics process: DC, transport and in store. In store, the mobility of the Pally and the coloured lid sortation system has decreased the time taken for shelf replenishment by upto 30%, making our employees more available to our customers." 

Logistics Director, Medi-Market

Airbag Disposal UK

"After visiting Loadhog’s site we were eager to get on board with their products. The UN Containers are applicable to our company on a day to day basis; both in the workshop and on the road. The prices were fair and affordable and we look forward to working with Loadhog in the future with the latest additions to their UN Certified product range."

 Josh Askwith, Director & Operations Manager, Airbag Disposal UK

Shepherd Neame

"Smartpads work really well for us, some of  our  bottles  are  made  in  Northern  Ireland  and  considering the distance they have travelled they always arrive in  perfect  condition.  There  are  no fallen bottles on the depalletiser which helps to  reduce  our  cleaning  time,  aiding  our  efficiency."

Stuart Pearson, Supply chain manager, Shepherd Neame


"The Loadhog Pally system has significantly reduced our needless waste in material and labour time. These can now be allocated in a much more rewarding way." 

Marc Andelar, system administrator, Bizerba SE & Co. KG


"We were referred to Loadhog by our associates who informed us that using the Loadhog Pallet Lid is quick, easy and would keep our operations tidy. Management were happy to implement the system as it was safe, saved money and improved our operation in general. We will continue to expand the use of this product in our operations." 

MS Section Manager, TS Tech UK Ltd

Harvey Nichols

"The Loadhog system has given us significant labour time savings throughout our supply chain. The system has completely removed double handling and taken away a considerable amount of consumable costs."

Richard Brodrick, Head of Supply Chain, Harvey Nichols