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“The Loadhog Pallet Lid system brings us significant labour efficiencies at our distribution centre. Alongside the labour savings, it also reduces our shrink wrap waste to landfill by over 7 million metres per year.” Alun Powell, Consolidation Centre Operations Manager, Clipper Logistics

Experienced Benefits

Reduction in labour time… 65 seconds per pallet

Additional labour time savings with marshalling between wrap machines removed from the process.

Additional security of totes

The Loadhog Pallet Lid can’t be removed without cutting cable ties, so items within totes have extra level of security.

7 million metres of shrink wrap removed per year

The Loadhog Pallet Lid replaces the need for any shrink wrap within the supply chain.

Increased Safety

With no stretch wrap hazards within the operation, safety has been improved throughout the supply chain.

Return On Investment Period

Less Than 5 Months