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“The change has been obvious to all our operators at all levels: in logistics, transport, delivery and shops. Thanks to the Pally & Lid system, handling is simplified whenever we have to move, fill or empty a roll or plastic bin. This has resulted in improved performance and user-friendliness.”

Jean-Louis Borde
Logistic & Distribution Director, Gémo

Benefits Experienced

Better ergonomics

Throughout the supply chain (logistics sites, transport, shop), a focus on ergonomics was monitored by an expert. The Pally & lid solution met all the criteria set by Gémo and even exceeded their expectations.

Transport optimisation

The Pally has helped to optimise transport and reduce the company’s carbon footprint. 100% of the textile flow is now stacked when transported from the logistics sites to the shops.

Environmental benefits

Made from recycled and recyclable materials, the pally & lid solution is fully in line with the CSR values that Gémo is promoting through the ‘Gémo for Good’ project.

Rationalisation of flows

Thanks to its versatility, Gémo was able to deploy the Pally and the lids on all their different textile flows (set-up flow, restocking flow, return flow). This has enabled a standardisation of operations and a rationalisation of flows.



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