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Penguin Random House

"With the extensive media coverage in single-use plastics, we decided to sit round the table and say what exactly can we do within our own distribution. Having been within logistics for over 20 years, I thought it was a real innovative idea to reduce single-use plastic. What we particularly liked about the Lid is just how speedily we could use the product and indeed if we could track it in and out of our operation, we realised the benefits it could give our customers and equally our suppliers. We found working with Loadhog very enlightening and their speed of response has been phenomenal, great company to work with."

Neil Springall, Head of Operations, Penguin Random House UK


Benefits Experienced

Increased speed of process

On average it was taking Penguin 3 minutes to stretch wrap one pallet. With the Pallet Lid they have managed to reduce that down to 20 seconds. Equally when their customer receives the lid they can remove it within seconds and return it with no time spent organising the single-use waste.

Elimination of plastic wrap

Penguin found that in the first year they reduced their use of consumable stretch wrap by over 47%. They have ambitions to continue improving on this by analysing the recorded data and discovering new ways to remove single-use waste.

Tracking benefits throughout

Tracking the Pallet Lid in a closed loop network safeguards the longevity of the packaging but furthermore enables Penguin to spread the benefits of this product across the full supply chain, from their suppliers right through to their customers.

Increased vehicle fill

The Pallet Lid enables Penguin and their suppliers to double stack pallets in the vehicle, increasing the goods transported by another layer and reducing the Co2 emissions with fewer vehicles required to transport the goods.



Minutes saved per pallet secured


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