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Shepherd Neame

"Smartpads work really well for us, some of  our  bottles  are  made  in  Northern  Ireland  and  considering the distance they have travelled they always arrive in  perfect  condition.  There  are  no fallen bottles on the depalletiser which helps to  reduce  our  cleaning  time,  aiding  our  efficiency."

Stuart Pearson, Supply chain manager, Shepherd Neame

Benefits Experienced

Zero Broken Bottles

100% of the glass purchased is filled and transported safely throughout the process.

Increased Pallet Stability

No pallets have fallen since the introduction of the Smartstak System reducing waste and accidents at each site.

Improved Transport Utilisation

The Smartstak System passes the long distance test with pallets being transported over 500 miles across land and water.

Improved Hygiene

The Smartstak system resists water ingress and is washed at the Loadhog washplant after every use, making it more hygienic than any cardboard solution.


0% Fallen Bottles on the Line

Key Operational Saving


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