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New Pallet Solution – Sky & Unipart Logistics

"When we were looking for an alternative to pallet wrap, it is fair to say that there was not much out there in the marketplace. We stumbled across the Loadhog Pallet Lid on the internet and we were really taken with their product. Sky are really happy with the solution, they’ve been able to see the benefits that Loadhog can offer us as a business. I would highly recommend the Loadhog Lid as well as the service they provide to any other company looking for this kind of solution."

Roz Jacobs, Sky Account Support Manager, Unipart Logistics


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Benefits Experienced

Elimination of plastic wrap

Sky tasked Unipart Logistics to remove all single use packaging from their supply chain. The Loadhog Pallet Lid eliminated 10.2 tonnes of plastic wrap per annum, equivalent to 79,200 pallets of single use plastic.

Reduction in labour

On average it takes 20 seconds to secure a Pallet using the Lid which is a 69% reduction in labor time for this application. The ability to remove and then reapply the Pallet Lid system also saved time and considerable quantities of plastic wrap during system tests and updates of the Sky boxes.


The addition of bar code labels enables Unipart Logistics to track assets throughout the supply chain and to identify the pallet’s contents in seconds by scanning the bar code on the lid.

Design & additional services

To ensure easy integration of the Pallet Lid additional services such as custom design, custom branding and user training were provided. There was also a percentage of recycled material incorporated into the manufacture of the Pallet Lid.



Pallets of stretch wrap eliminated


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