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Employee Ownership – Our Story


We have been voting for our new GLIDE Representative which will be announced on EO Day! Our GLIDE Representatives listen to employees, represent their views to the board/other appropriate channels, promote the engagement of employees in the workplace and socially, and generally ensure that the benefits of employee ownership are realised.



Martin Baker (Left)

Design Engineer Martin Baker has been an employee owner for over 6 years. Martin led and managed the design of one of our latest innovations, the Collapsible Container. Charity is something he is passionate about and he has helped lead the Loadhog charity team for the last 3 years, changing the way funds are allocated by allowing Loadhog employees to nominate charities close to their hearts and organizing some very successful events including Casino Night in 2016 and the Dragon Boat Race hosted by Bluebell Wood which we went on to win in 2017. Martin said, “Communication is a key benefit of working at Loadhog as is the culture of openness and trust, I’d like to use my new position on GLIDE to share information from board meetings that are relevant to the day-to-day running of Loadhog”.

Arran Dixon (Right)

Automotive Sales Manager Arran Dixon has been an employee owner for over 2 years. In 2 years Arran has been involved in various areas of the business. He started out selling Barricade, an edge protection system for building sites and he then went on to join the Guardian Load Restraint team. However for the last year he has been selling and discovering new applications for our core range of RTP products, targeting the automotive & manufacturing sectors. He has also spent a considerable amount of time on the factory floor learning the ins and outs of the products and the business. Arran said, “With the time I have spent both on the shop floor and out in the field selling, I hear what makes this business great and how we can make things better. Let me know what we need to do to improve and I will make it happen!”



To celebrate EO Day every year we have a celebration of sorts and this year we have big plans:

  1. We will be sharing the results of our GLIDE Reperesentative election, as well as some other employee ownership stories and flash backs with other employee owned businesses throughout the week… stay tuned! #MyEOstory #EODay @EmployeeOwned
  2. Our employee owners will be baking some EO goodies for the day
  3. Finally we will be enjoying a traditional EO Day treat, some FREE ice cream



Loadhog Ltd has been an employee owned organisation since the very beginning which means that every employee that has joined the business since it was registered in April 2002 invested in company shares. This is a rarity, as usually companies choose to adopt the employee ownership model after a period of existing with a different business model. Loadhog Ltd became employee owned at birth after spinning off from our sister company Gripple (also employee owned), the world-leading manufacturer of wire joining, wire tensioning and wire suspension systems.

Since the mid 1990s, Hugh Facey, the founder and executive company chairman of Gripple Ltd and Loadhog Ltd, had been examining ways to pass on his legacy to subsequent generations of employees. In the summer of 2011 the answer was found and GLIDE was formed. All shareholders are members of GLIDE which is a private company limited by guarantee. GLIDE has developed and grown with new investee companies joining and over the years the benefits of employee ownership has helped us grow as a collective group.



The letters of GLIDE are an acronym of: Growth Led Innovation Driven Employee Company Limited.



  • Employee owned business tend to be more successful, competitive, profitable and sustainable, infact the Employee Ownership Association reported that  the employee owned business sector now contribute £30 billion to GDP.
  • Employee owned companies are more innovative because managers go out of their way to consult, share information about the company, and give staff responsibility.
  • Because they’re co-owners, staff in employee owned businesses tend to be more entrepreneurial and committed to the company and its success.
  • Because they have high employment standards, EO companies involve staff and give everyone a stake, they are also better at recruiting and retaining talented, committed staff.
  • Because they’re run in an open way, employee owned businesses tend to have a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and involvement with the communities they operate in.

Learn more about the employee ownership model >>



We have seen the benefits of the EO model first hand and we are always open to discussing the benefits of this business model with other companies looking to take the plunge. Most recently we invested in a dedicated social club and training academy for all GLIDE members, so called GLIDE House. GLIDE House facilities include a gym, bar, café and dining area with a kitchen facilitating take out orders from all GLIDE businesses.