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Automoción y fabricación

La investigación orientada al cliente constituye el motor principal del proceso de innovación de Loadhog y nos gustaría que se pusiera en contacto con nosotros si necesita asesoramiento para encontrar una solución de manejo o logística en su sector.

Los productos Loadhog se han diseñado para mejorar el manejo de materiales y aumentar así la eficiencia, pasando de las líneas de producción de fabricación en un único emplazamiento a operaciones de fabricación multinacionales. Colaboramos estrechamente con fabricantes, en concreto del sector de la automoción, que han impulsado la innovación de nuestra base de productos del sector automovilístico.


It is vital to reduce associated and labor costs in the automotive supply chain. Our heritage product, the Loadhog pallet cover, can guarantee a load in approximately 20 seconds on average compared to 2-3 minutes of the wrapping plastic or the bands. The pallet lid puts end to single-use consumables, and the design of its surface offers the perfect mark to facilitate the double stacking of pallets once stored or during transport.

Several organizations have hosted HogBox due to its unique size and structure. This robust bulk carrier has a spectacular return ratio of 3: 1 efficiencies when used in conjunction with the Loadhog pallet cover. The most notable difference between HogBox and other solutions lies in its ability to offer a high density of packaging and increase the load of the vehicle by double stacking in individual boxes and cube units. Therefore, HogBox is able to reduce the number of trips needed by up to 50% for certain applications. HogBox is light compared to other bulk containers used in this sector and at the same time can store up to 100 kg inside.

The manufacturing process requires several movements between the suppliers, the warehouse and the production line. The Pally system (combination of pallet and truck) of Loadhog facilitate this process without the need for forklifts or manual handling equipment. Several suppliers of the automotive industry have opted for this method to move heavy parts together with Euro boxes and KLT, as it works both internally and externally. This system can also be connected using the hook hook to manage as many loads as its safety and health managers deem appropriate, thus guaranteeing the maximum efficiency of the employees.

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