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First Class Service, First Class Lead Times

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First Class Service, First Class Lead Times

One of the first questions all customers ask, after they’ve found the right product for their application and fitted it with all the bells and whistles that can be provided, is, “how long before it arrives at our DC?”

‘Now, now, now!’ is the way the world works and our customers are consistently working on keeping up with fast paced markets. Consumers not only want goods quickly, they want the latest products, at a great price, easily accessible and if it doesn’t suit their requirements, they want to send it back free of charge and have the money returned back into their account the next day.

This isn’t just true for fashion retailers it filters through to all business types. Automotive companies are working on electrification requiring a completely new range of packaging tools. The postal sector is dealing with the growing effect of ecommerce, with parcel volumes increasing by 11% in 2018 compared to 2016-17, reaching a total of 2.4 billion items in the UK (ofcom). With parcels coming in all shapes and sizes how does a postal company manage vehicle fill? Many manufacturers are implementing automation & robotics but how can they ensure that the packaging they purchase works harmoniously with the new tech?

The world is accelerating and only a lean, flexible supply chain can provide the service that makes a company competitive. But consumers today also expect businesses to be socially sound. So how does a business provide this considerably substantial service and still remain environmentally friendly?


Loadhog has seen a rise in the number of customers asking for better lead times than the market is currently offering. With the demand for more sustainable packaging on the rise Loadhog has invested in a new a 1,000m² building to house the subsidiary Loadhog Sarl, which will be able to improve the service to European customers, and 2 new injection moulding machines to increase manufacturing capacities.

Loadhog is known for providing ‘End to End’ packaging systems. They don’t just perform in the DC, they provide efficiency during transport, are compatible with robotics and automation, and look cleaner in-store. If the packaging systems purchased are efficient throughout the supply chain it makes everything faster, including the return on investment. Modular packaging systems that Loadhog provide also enable companies to be flexible when packing and transporting goods, so they have a toolbox that is suited to various payloads.

Loadhog offer special product configurations to ensure the solution provided is the best possible solution throughout that application. This process includes the following steps;

  • Discuss your product configuration with your Sales Manager
  • Seek advice as to whether recycled material is an option for your application
  • Select a standard or custom colour including branding on Pallet Lid straps
  • Choose digital, hotfoil or embossed branding
  • Decide on labelling locations, RFID & identification features
  • Choose which accessories are needed to benefit
  • Discuss any other product configurations required


All Loadhog products present environmental benefits when replacing consumable resources such as cardboard, stretch-wrap and banding but Loadhog also offer additional services that make for a greener transition to a new packaging system;

  • The ‘swap out scheme’ – Loadhog will take old plastic containers from any manufacturer, damaged or unwanted, and credit these against a new purchase
  • Recycled material – Loadhog can manufacture a new container out of recycled plastic, promoting a circular economy
  • Loadhog RTP solutions are much lighter than traditional methods, such as metal roll-cages, which reduces both embedded carbon and carbon footprint when shipping.


If you’re looking for better lead times, more versatile packaging systems, expert design advice and sustainable packaging to fulfil CSR objectives, get in touch >>

Posted: 04/04/2019
Author: Jake Charlton
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