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Automotive Packaging

Labour efficiency & cost savings are the key objective within automotive & manufacturing. The more ergonomic the packaging design, the better the handling efficiency and the better the OEE. We have very close relationships with manufacturers particularly within the automotive sector which has fuelled the innovation of our handling materials. From single site manufacturing to multi-national production operations, our returnable packaging products promote efficiency gains throughout. From labour intensive applications to abundantly automated, we can integrate packaging solutions that can speed up production lines and increase space utilised in the warehouse and in the vehicle for all businesses.

Key benefits sought after:

  • Labour & operational efficiency gains
  • Robust & secure lifelong packaging solutions
  • Flexible & modular bulk handling
  • Stacking features & increased vehicle fill
  • Maximised ergonomic handling efficiency
  • Automation compatibility
  • Savings on consumable, labour and transport costs
  • Custom packaging design



The automotive sector is consistently on the move and at the forefront of technological innovation. Reduction of labour and associated costs are therefore a core focus for all businesses within this sector. In 1913 Henry Ford introduced the first assembly line, reducing the time to manufacture one car from 12 hours to just 3. Now the industry has reached heights of technology that enable a single production site to manufacture a modern motor every minute. Packaging design is essential in capturing performance within this sector. Automotive businesses require precise dimensions and seamless integration with all handling equipment and advanced automation systems.


Our Pallet Lid system is used by automotive manufacturers to eliminate one trip consumables and maximise vehicle fill for any load variant. Whether parts be packaged in euro containers, KLTs, FLCs, cardboard or other palletised containers our eco-friendly Pallet Lid can secure the load with various footprints available as well as hook designs. The Lid’s surface design provides the perfect footprint to facilitate double stacking of pallets in storage or during transit. Time spent securing a pallet is reduced significantly with it taking a packaging operator or automated Lid compression machine 20 seconds on average to secure the load to a pallet, compared to 2-3 minutes stretch wrapping or banding a load.

The Half Pallet Container has been adopted by various automotive organisations. Wire harness manufacturers utilise its unique size and structure to transport the electrical skeleton of the car. This robust, bulk container boasts impressive 3:1 return efficiencies when used in conjunction with the Loadhog Pallet Lid. The HPC stands out to comparing solutions due to its ability to provide high packing density fill by double stacking individual boxes or units consolidated into cubes with the Pallet Lid. It is lightweight in comparison to other bulk containers and yet extremely rigid, being able to secure up to 100 kg inside.


Any manufacturing process requires a great deal of rapid movement with materials being manoeuvred between suppliers, warehouses and production lines non-stop. Speed of process is essential as a business battles to maximise capacities, remain versatile and increase competitiveness. Manufacturing operations utilise our range of transportation aids for exactly that reason. Our Dollies, Pallys and wheeled containers provide numerous benefits including; linking features facilitating the movement of multiple loads at a time, alternative castor types reducing noise pollution, preventing marks and enabling movement of goods over difficult terrain and maximum loads of up to 500kg where necessary. All of our Dollies are compatible with the Loadhog Pallet Lid which is used to consolidate finished parts ready for transportation.


Automated manufacturing and intelligent material handling design has sped up production lines significantly for our customer base. Our Pally is compatible with Auto Guided Vehicles (AGVs) enabling supply chains to transfer a train of parts between machines autonomously. With the implementation of RFID technology businesses are able to track their goods throughout the operation and across multiple sights, safe-guarding their assets and retaining a consistent flow. The future of industrial manufacturing is further digitalisation. We have designed a number of automation ready totes, able to work in conjunction with the latest technology. Our Apollo & Artemis Attached Lid Container ranges for example feature a strengthened textured/ribbed base that reduce noise pollution on conveyor systems, thicker rounded corners that rebound off conveyor walls and collar designs that can be picked up by warehouse robotics. Contact our team for Intel on integrating packaging with automation technology to deliver cost perfection.

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