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Automotive & Manufacturing

Customer led research is the key driver in Loadhog's innovation process and we want you to contact us if you need help finding a handling & logistics solution within your sector

Loadhog products are designed to improve material handling, increasing efficiency throughout production lines from single site manufacturing to multi-national production operations. We have very close relationships with manufacturers particularly within the automotive sector which has fuelled the innovation of our automotive product base.


Within the automotive supply chain reducing labour and associated costs is a major focus. Our heritage product, the Loadhog Pallet Lid, can secure a load within 20 seconds on average compared to 2-3 minutes to stretch wrapping or banding a load. The Pallet Lid eliminates any one trip consumables and the surface design provides the perfect footprint to facilitate double stacking of pallets in storage and during transit.

The HogBox has been adopted by various automotive organisations due to its unique size and structure. This robust, bulk container boasts impressive 3:1 return efficiencies when used in conjunction with the Loadhog Pallet Lid. How the HogBox stands out to comparing solutions is its ability to provide high packing density as well as its ability to increase vehicle fill by double stacking individual boxes and cubed units. Consequently the HogBox is able to reduce the number of journeys required by up to 50% for certain applications. The HogBox is lightweight in comparison to other bulk containers used in this industry yet can secure up to 100 kg inside.

The manufacturing process requires a great deal of movement between suppliers, warehouse and production lines. The Loadhog Pally (pallet dolly combination) facilitates this efficiently without the need for forklifts or manual handling equipment. Many automotive suppliers have adopted this method for moving heavy parts in conjunction with euro boxes and KLTs as it works both internally and externally. Pallys can also be connected by the Tow Hitch accessory to manoeuvre as many loads as your internal health and safety officers deem fit, ensuring each employee is as efficient as possible.