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Customer led research is the key driver in Loadhog's innovation process and we want you to contact us if you need help finding a handling & logistics solution within your sector

Pioneers in the development and supply of modern glass bottle packaging systems, Loadhog’s plastic layer Smartpads and reusable capping trays have shown to be the safest, most cost effective method of packing glass and transporting tall pack pallets for both the glass producer and the glass filler.


Since the launch of this revolutionary product we have found new applications for this layer pad within the canned goods industry. The waved edge profile encourages bottles and cans to migrate towards the centre of the pad during transit and other movement. The improved stability allows for additional layers of glass and cans per pallet, reducing transport requirements & associated costs.

With Smartstak, pallet stability is optimized, whilst completely eliminating the requirement for horizontal banding. Consequently bottle loss is reduced dramatically, in fact Shepherd Neame, one of our oldest Smartpad customers, have had 0% bottles fall from the line since the system was adopted. Smartstak also provides better hygiene performance than traditional top frames and our state of the art wash plants in the UK & Portugal can facilitate up to a million pads a month.

A trial of our product is the best way to see the increases in efficiency, contact the Loadhog sales team to start the process of improving your supply chain: Contact Us >>