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Post, Parcel & Logistics

Within the world of post, parcel & logistics the volumes of goods delivered increases year on year. These industries have developed supply chains significantly, keeping up with consumer expectations at a phenomenal rate. E-retail has sped up innovation within these sectors with consumers opting for faster delivery times, safe and environmentally aware delivery methods and efficient parcel returns at no extra cost. Loadhog’s packaging solutions are capable of transforming postal and logistic supply chains from DC to door step, whether it’s operating in a moderately traditional sense or if it’s pushing new boundaries with advanced automation.

Key benefits sought after:

  • Automation & auto-guided vehicle compatibility
  • Fast, traced & secure movement of goods
  • Variety of handling required, from loose parcels to letters
  • Space saving efficiencies throughout
  • Increased vehicle fill & return efficiencies
  • Maximised handling efficiency from DC to doorstep
  • Savings on consumable, labour and transport costs

Post & Parcel
Our packaging and design engineers have developed solutions that enable national postal companies maximise efficiencies, drastically speed up the sorting and transport of mail and minimise labour costs. We have been working with postal companies around the world since the launch of the Pally, a pallet/dolly hybrid that’s able to increase vehicle fill up to 42% in comparison to a more traditional roll cage due to its reduced footprint. Various postal operations utilise the Pally in combination with the Loadhog Pallet Lid to enable the movement of post throughout sorting centres all the way through to delivery.

To keep up with the pace and complexity of sorting centre processes and delivery methods our postal customers have taken advantage of RFID labelling technology embedding it within their packaging products, enabling them to track post and parcels. Our Pally can be linked together multiple times and is also compatible with Auto Guided Vehicles (AGVs) enabling post and parcel handlers to manoeuvre trains of sorted post between sorting areas autonomously. Advancements in tracing technology and the digitalisation of postal supply chains has facilitated faster sorting of mail, faster processing and faster delivery to the end recipient.

Our postal customers have assisted Loadhog in the development of innovative postal packaging solutions that maximise the efficiency of sorting centres around the world today. The Stack & Nest Container is used by national mail operations for the handling of letters and flats. Stackable when full and then easily nested when empty, this container is as versatile as the postal operation itself, saving 80% more space when storing or transporting empty equipment. Our packaging design engineers have also designed a number of bespoke solutions for postal operations enhancing the ergonomics of mail handling and ensuring consistent flow through the elimination of double handling and designing packaging that enhances the capabilities of automation.