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Customer led research is the key driver in Loadhog's innovation process and we want you to contact us if you need help finding a handling & logistics solution within your sector

A key part of Loadhog’s growth over the years has come from the development of a new RTP solution designed for the Postal industry specifically. The Stack & Nest container works in conjunction with our Pally & Lid system to provide increased vehicle fill of up to 42% in comparison to the more traditional roll cage.


The key benefit sought by all mail distribution companies that come to us is increased labour efficiency. The postal industry have daily targets to attain or surpass and with the application of our products designed to be easy to handle and save space, new targets can be reached.

The Stack & Nest Container is designed for the efficient and highly cost effective movement of mail through postal supply chains. Stackable when full and then easily nested when empty, this container is as versatile as the postal operation itself, saving 80% more space on storage of empty equipment.

Our postal pedigree continues to develop with major mail distributors realizing the benefits of this system. Most recently Loadhog have been working with customers in revolutionizing their operation, transferring from traditional mail distribution to a more automated operation. Our RTP solutions have developed in preparation for the supply chain of the future. However bespoke solutions can be delivered when required to ensure the system fits in to that particular process, Contact Us >> to find a solution that suits you.