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Waste Management

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Within the waste management industry safety is of the highest importance. Typically the UN certified range solves issues waste management companies are having with containers that react to the chemical being transported or containers that are not robust enough to secure the hazardous waste inside if an accident were to happen.


Loadhog recently broke into the waste management market with the launch of the UN Certified range. The material applied into the moulding of this range ensures that the resulting containers can withstand the harshest of performance tests carried out by an external laboratory focusing on testing its ability to withstand heavy dropping and stacking. International agreements for the carriage of dangerous goods require packaging to be of a design-type, certified by a national competent authority. If you would like to discuss further your needs for UN certified packaging get in touch with our expert engineers in the field: Contact Us >>

A certain level of UN certification is required dependant on where the substance being transported falls within the ADR regulations for road transport of dangerous goods. Our UN Certified Containers are able to hold solid and liquids within packaging groups I, II & III, packaging group I being the most hazardous.

The range has been meticulously developed by our design team and in-house improvement and test engineers, to the point that the certification itself is one of the highest on the market in this category. Since its introduction we have seen a high degree of popularity amongst waste management companies across the UK and Europe.