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Loadhog Choose Their Own for Awards Presented by EOA Chief

Loadhog Ltd, the 100% employee-owned organisation, invited the chief executive of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) to present awards to employees who had been nominated by their colleagues.

Deb Oxley hosted the first annual GLIDE Awards event held at GLIDE training academy where representatives from all GLIDE group companies, including Loadhog Ltd; Gripple UK; Gripple Automation; PMS Diecasting; Go Tools and Laser Scanning in South Yorkshire and overseas Gripple Inc, Gripple Europe and Gripple India.

A video was shown of a pair of finalists from each company with representatives explaining why they deserved to win a GLIDE Award. The winner was announced Oscar-style and presented with a glass trophy. A congratulatory video from each company followed explaining why the winner had been chosen.

Deb Oxley said: “I was delighted to be invited to present at a company which is close to my heart and doing so much to support the employee-ownership campaign.

“Employee ownership is all about people, giving them a stake and a voice and letting them share in the output of their work which drives a huge impact on the success of their company. The GLIDE Awards are an excellent example of employees being judged by their co-workers and not by an anonymous group. I am honoured to be here and I congratulate warmly the winners.”

Loadhog selected Tony Ledger as their 2018 GLIDE Award winner. Tony has been with the company for over 8 years and was chosen to receive the award due to the tremendous effort he puts in to ensuring Loadhog’s Production operation runs smoothly and efficiently every day. Tony’s long-time colleague and friend Paul Tully (Production Manager) had this to say,

“Tony has shown tremendous dedication to Loadhog and the staff over the years, including the unseen work he does at a cost to his own personal time. Tony creates an inclusive atmosphere, he looks after and supports his team, is always smiling and laughing with everyone, and is not afraid to have a sing-song! The man is always ready for fun but gets the job done.”

As a reward for receiving this accolade Tony was given the opportunity to go on an all-expenses paid trip to visit any of the other companies within the GLIDE Group. Tony has chosen to visit Gripple Inc. in Chicago.

Congratulations Tony Ledger, well deserved!

This prestigious event went on into the early hours of the morning but only the award ceremony itself was captured on film. If you’d like to watch the GLIDE awards please click here or if you’d like to learn more about GLIDE and employee ownership please click here.