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Loadhog Enters South African Logistics Market


When one of South Africa’s largest online stores wanted a faster, safer, more efficient and economical way to handle new category products, while complementing its current products and methods of picking and transporting products internally, Corporate Renaissance Group Supply Chain Services (CRG SCS) introduced the Loadhog Pally solution to its client.

It was Loadhog, the South Yorkshire-based transit packaging innovator, which came up with the goods to secure its first major contract in South Africa. This has been extremely successful, resulting in a second project being delivered and more applications identified throughout Africa.

CRG SCS, a logistics and operational solutions service provider within South Africa and Loadhog’s partner,  ‘answered the call’ for a wheeled pallet solution from Kalahari, the fastest growing, market leader in the country’s e-commerce sector for the widespread supply of books, films, games and electronics. With confidence CRG SCS recommended the Loadhog Pally.

CRG SCS offers complete turnkey projects, not only including software and tracking systems but also the racking and material handling equipment and the operationalization of the solutions specified, in partnership with their clients. The company has continued to grow, following its success in servicing the local market and has worked on projects for the MIH group, which includes Kalahari. Since then Loadhog South Africa has been established to provide material handling solutions, extending the Loadhog capability into the local market.

The 800x600mm robust Pally, with a 250kg capacity, ‘fitted the bill’ and the first contract was signed. Hundreds of Pallys were supplied to store and transport a huge range of goods internally in Kalahari’s distribution centre in Cape Town. Following significant growth, a further quantity of Pallys is being rolled out to Cape Town, with a substantial quantity purchased for its second centre in Johannesburg.

Unlike any other pallet, one foot press on a pedal at either end of the 800x600mm robust, stackable Pally transforms it into a fully mobile, wheeled dolly, allowing instant mobility for efficient movement. A second pedal press returns the Pally to a pallet, lifting the wheels clear of the floor, transferring all the weight onto the pallet bearers to create a stable, secure unit for easy and fast product picking.

Annes Schreuder, head of operations at Kalahari, said: “The Pally is a great solution when we need flexible storage and movement options, especially in an environment with low levels of automation and high product variability.”

With further development plans in place for expansion in the next three years, it is an exciting time for Loadhog, Loadhog South Africa, CRG SCS and Kalahari.