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Loadhog, the Sheffield-based packaging innovation firm, is playing a major role in ensuring that commercial mail reaches customers around the world.


The company has high hopes for its Pally & Lid System, which help to carry mail. Royal mail started ‘road-testing’ 1,000 Pally & Lid Systems, which it calls Tray Dollies, in late 2010. As a result Loadhog secured business worth more than £50,000. Royal Mail is promoting trayed mail rather than bagged mail.

A Loadhog spokesman said: “The light weight Tray Dolly is a complete and common-sense alternative to a roll cage, allowing access and easy scanning from all four side and eliminating potentially hazardous metal sides”. According to Loadhog, the development of the Pally & Lid System means that 64 loaded tray dollies can be carried per vehicle, as opposed to the previous figure of 45 to 49 cages per vehicle.


The spokesman added: “An 80 per cent reduction in storage space is achieved after unloading as the systems can be placed on top of each other. The Pally & Lid System is being used by some of the UK’s largest and best known mail couriers. It is becoming established as a major part of the postal industry across Europe and Asia, with further trials taking place.”


Loadhog’s commitment to innovation has helped it win a large number of lucrative contracts. Last year, manufacturer Gripple and its sister company Loadhog revealed they were poised for expansion after buying larger premises.


Hugh Facey, Chairman and Edward Stubbs,  MD at the opening of the new Loadhog Factory Nov 2010


Sheffield based Gripple, which was founded in 1988 by entrepreneur Hugh Facey, became synonymous with fencing and trellising used in agriculture and viticulture. In 1988 the company entered the world of construction with series of kits inspired by a rope-grip device which was designed for hanging mechanical and electrical services. Loadhog specialises in “packaging innovation”, such as a pallet that doubles as a trolley.


Speaking in 2010, Mr Facey, the chairman of Gripple, said: “The new manufacturing complex in lower Don Valley will allow us to further grow the combined business and expand production and house the Loadhog operations under one roof. We also secured a further 2.5m in new funding from Barclays to support the rapid growth of Loadhog which has seen record-breaking new business.”


Last year, Loadhog developed a system to solve problems facing hospitals with regards to storing and moving stocks of fluids. The WardHog mobile shelving system enables boxes of fluids to be stored either on hospital wards or in storage areas. With no permanent fixtures, and three solid tray layer, the WardHog increases storage capacity and frees up space. As a result, hospitals resources can be used more efficiently.


Greg Wright
Yorkshire Post August 2011