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Loadhog helps Co-op provide 34 million meals to communities across the UK.

Co-op’s Christmas Campaign has officially launched and along with other organisations, Loadhog has been helping to make festive wishes come true.

The ethical retailer switched out the usual seasonal TV commercial and replaced it with a live ad highlighting community solutions to food waste

Loadhog joins Co-op, Woolcool and Hubbub, with the expansion of the Community Fridge Network, helping to provide 34 million meals to communities, across the UK.

The sustainability charity, Hubbub, coordinates the world’s largest community fridge network, with 150 fridges running across the UK. The fridges can be accessed by everyone and are located in local community centres and hubs. It provides a place where residents can share and access surplus food donations, while helping to reduce waste.

Co-op partnered with Hubbub in May to identify 100 more fridge locations, which in return will help bring 6.8 million meals a year to a wide range of diverse communities, saving it going to waste. As part of their Christmas campaign, Co-op has also committed to expanding the network with Hubbub to 250 more locations, doubling the number of fridges to 500 by December 2023.

“Co-op are proud to partner with Hubbub, Loadhog and Woolcool, to provide a reusable box for food collection from stores to Community Fridges. This goes beyond the Co-op-Hubbub partnership to support all Fridges in the Community Fridge Network, to offer a robust, reusable solution that protects food from being bumped about and maintaining consistent temperature in transit. Thanks to Woolcool and Loadhog, this will help more fresh food to be used to make great meals.” Ed Powell, Access to Food Mission Manager, Co-op.

Alongside this, returnable packaging innovator, Loadhog, has donated 500 ALC’s (Attached Lid Containers) to the network and combined with Woolcool’s insulated linings, they will help to expand the fridge offering even further to an impressive 34 million meals.

Woolcool creates sustainable thermal packaging and its water-based cooler bags have been added to the inside of the Loadhog boxes to protect the food for longer, retaining temperature and increasing lifespan.

“Woolcool were delighted to be involved in this ground-breaking project, and we’re proud that our 100% wool liners are helping to keep food fresh as it is delivered to Community Fridges –  helping to provide millions of meals across the country. As a company that is committed to putting people before profit, we saw this as a great opportunity to team up with Co-op, Hubbub and Loadhog.” Josie Morris, Managing Director, Woolcool.

The Loadhog ALC’s have been donated through the Loadhog Foundation which has recently been set up in October 2021. The foundation typically provides funding and support for other charitable organisations and good causes, and Loadhog encourages the foundation by giving 1% of its budgeted pre-tax net profits every year.

Community is at the heart of all these organisations, and together they are continuing to build stronger, more resilient communities through fair access to food and support services.

The Community Fridge Network is about more than just the sharing of food, it’s about creating a solution that brings people together and develops communities.

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