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Loadhog Launches NEW Attached Lid Container Range

ALC Cut Out 3

The Loadhog Attached Lid Container – the latest member of the ever-growing returnable transit packaging family produced by the UK-based multi award winning company – is designed to set it apart from the competition by offering significant benefits to experienced supply chain and logistics professionals. Effective as a standalone product, the all-new Loadhog Attached Lid Container is a robust, versatile, durable product with an inventive patented nesting lid and an intelligent hinge, designed to provide safe ergonomic picking, handling, storage, goods transportation, stacking and nesting across a wide range of industries.

Available in a range of depths, the 600mm x 400mm container is, however, even more impressive as part of a system when combined with the Loadhog Pally and Lid, a standard pallet or the Loadhog Lid, thereby creating an end-to-end transit solution, with no one trip packaging required at any stage. When empty containers are nested in stacks, the inventive nested lids will hang down the containers’ sides in a perfect vertical line and interlock neatly and tightly with the containers’ lids immediately above and below. Regardless of the height of the stack, there is no tapering or overhang, providing closer proximity to neighbouring stacks, thereby reducing the likelihood of damage and increasing stability and vehicle fill by as much as 10%.


In the unlikely event of a lid being damaged it can be replaced quickly and easily, thanks to the clever design of the hinge – no need to return it to the manufacturer for servicing and repair or worse, disposal of the entire box, which is often the case with existing attached lid containers. This feature subsequently reduces downtime and supports a more efficient supply chain. Furthermore, customers can swap their old, damaged or unwanted plastic containers in part exchange for new Loadhog plastic tote boxes, which are available in a range of colours with multiple recess locations for barcodes, labels and logos, and are compatible with other available attached lid containers. Loadhog’s on-site recycling facility ensures that customers receive maximum value for their unwanted containers, allowing them to work with a new and effective, reusable packing alternative.



For more information about the Loadhog Attached Lid Container contact our sales team on 0114 22800 800 or