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New Case Study: Airbag Disposal UK

Airbag Disposal UK saves by investing in UN Certified Container Range

Working with car manufacturers, Airbag Disposal UK is now using Loadhog Limited’s UN Certified Containers to transport and recycle airbags and associated components in a safe, legal, and environmentally compliant manner, saving 68% in procurement and fuel costs due to a 33% reduction per trip.

To date Airbag Disposal UK, a qualified and accredited specialist, has transported hazardous airbags, activated or not, using large and expensive metal containers. With cost saving and safety at the forefront of Airbag Disposal’s operation, Loadhog’s UN Certified Containers, with the highest UN accreditations, now provide the customer with enhanced security and improved ergonomics. Moreover, a security tag, plus an attached strap, on every container further improves the safety of the hazardous materials within.

Josh Askwith, director and operations manager at Airbag Disposal UK, said: “After visiting Loadhog Ltd we were eager to get on board with its products. The UN Containers are applicable to our company on a day to day basis, both in the workshop and on the road. The prices are fair and affordable, and we look forward to working with Loadhog in the future with the latest additions to its UN Certified product range.”

The UN Certified ALCs are also reusable, plastic and durable, requiring little maintenance and easy to lift and carry. Furthermore, they can be stacked without using a forklift and, due to the tessellating lid feature, they can be stored away making the shop floor look clean and professional when clients are visiting.

Airbag Disposal UK have placed orders for the 63 litre, 69 litre and 190 litre UN Certified Containers. The largest of the containers, the UN Certified HogBox, is capable of securing and transporting hazardous materials weighing up to 120 kg. These have been purchased to assist with a new application with a large global OEM where a higher volume of Airbags are being collected and safely disarmed.