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One Million Smartpads Prove Their Worth At Quinn Glass


After working in close partnership with South Yorkshire-based Loadhog since 2006, Quinn Glass has now passed an impressive milestone by utilising one million of the returnable packaging innovator’s product – the Smartpad – to move its products more safely, cost-effectively and hygienically and expand its market share.

Initially supporting the development, implementation and growth of the Smartpad, Quinn continues to benefit from the Smartpad’s design, with its wave edge profile, enabling glass to be moved in a more stable manner, thereby reducing losses and eliminating the need for horizontal banding.

Pallets of glass were evaluated and the Smartpads’ stability allows bottles to be added to each glass layer, which optimises the bottle loading on each pallet and improves Quinn’s transport utilisation and provides practical and operational benefits.

Fiacre O’Donnell, marketing manager at Quinn, commented: “In the early days Smartpads helped us to improve delivery efficiency but, more importantly, was a visual way to show customers that we are at the cutting edge of new developments and fully supports innovative companies such as Loadhog. Our partnership has been beneficial for both Quinn and Loadhog. We continue to work closely together and appreciate Loadhog’s support in helping us to grow our market share.”

The Smartpad system not only helped Quinn and its external customers to improve efficiency and effectiveness in its logistics requirements but the system is a prerequisite in Quinn’s own modern and efficient filling company, Cobevco. It was the increase in Cobevco production which took the Quinn Smartpad pool past one million.

As major brands, such as Magners Cider, Cobra Beer and Cobevco wine filling, expands, so has the use of Smartpads which has encouraged other UK glassmakers, Beatson Clark and Allied Glass, to use Smartpads.

Loadhog has set up a similar pooling operation in Portugal, supplying pads to Santos Barosa and Verallia Portugal for Sagres beer bottles and looks to further expand its presence in the Iberian region. The success of this operation provides the benchmark for further expansion in the coming years both in Europe and further afield.

Smartpad business development manager, Andy Adams said: “It is a fantastic achievement to pass this milestone and we are most appreciative to Quinn for the supply partnership we have built over the years. It is also a great testament to the Smartpad design, the quality of our pad wash operation and the team who manage the pooling operation. There is no better reference than an existing customer continuing to see the benefits Smartpads offer and ordering more each year.”

For further information about the Smartpad please contact Andy Adams on 07786 258617 or 0114 2800 800.