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Dollies - Dolly 64 – 300

The Dolly 64 – 300 is the transportation aid designed to benefit every stage within your supply chain.

Quick Stats

  • 300

  • 600 x 400

  • ø100

  • 117.5

  • 135


Loadhog offers a range of dollies designed to benefit every stage of the supply chain. Whether it be an application within the light and fast world of e-commerce or a heavy-duty operation within industrial manufacturing, we have a dolly that can add value to your supply chain.

The New Dolly Range

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Handling efficiency is highly important in achieving a lean operation and all Dollies have been designed to assist the user in moving, multiple heavy payloads with ergonomic handling features. The Dolly-64-210 & 300 incorporate the ‘uni-link’ feature, enabling short side and long side linking, maximising the versatility of load movement.

Features & Benefits

  • Uni-link  – The Uni-link feature is what makes the Loadhog Dolly so versatile. Link units on either the short side or the long side to move multiple loads or prepare for transport
  • Straight stacking castor cups – The Dolly has been designed with recesses to secure castors in place when stacking Dollies up to 2.3 metres high.
  • Compatible with various containers – The Dolly-64-300 is compatible with all Loadhog attached lid containers & collapsible containers
  • Eco-friendly – The Dolly-64-300 as standard is made from recycled plastic making it eco-friendly as well as cost effective
  • Pallet Lid compatible – The Dolly can be linked on the long side and then secured with a Half-Euro Pallet Lid, the most secure and cost effective way to secure a Dolly load
  • Secure banding – The central sub-flush banding regions on all sides of the Dolly ensure that any banding remains in place, safely securing the load throughout its journey
  • Alternative wheel material – Select a wheel material to suit the terrain goods are transported on

Optional (MOQs Apply)

  • Alternative wheel material – Other wheel materials available for varied requirements
  • Braked Castor – Fixed and braked castors can be provided
  • Dolly Handle – The Dolly Handle enables increased control for maneuvering Dollies
  • Custom colours – The Dolly can also be made from virgin material enabling custom colour selection
  • Identification features – Digital printing and RFID labeling available
  • Embossed branding – Go that step further with a custom Dolly and have your logo molded into the deck