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Pally Magnum

The Pally Magnum is a collapsible bulk container attached to a Pally allowing for efficient movement of bulky or loose items without the need for other manual handling equipment and is often used as an end to end transit solution

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The Pally Magnum has been adopted by various retailers, with the ability to increase the ease of which they manoeuvre loose or bulky goods within store whilst maintaining a professional presentation on the shop floor as well as when picking within the warehouse. It has also been adopted by manufacturers with the unique size and maneuverability making it perfect for moving parts between production lines.


Pally Containers are collapsible and flexible for maximizing space when not in use. One simple foot press on a pedal at either end of the unit will transfer up to 500kg load from the pallet bearers to wheels or vice versa. The addition of the folding sides will meet both the needs of transport; greater trailer fill, double stacking, efficient returns and the customer; easy to manoeuvre, faster to replenish.

The Pally Magnum has also been designed to collaborate with the other products within the Loadhog range as referenced below. The Pally Magnum is used in conjunction with the new Loadhog Collapsible Container by a certain global sports retailer to improve efficiency throughout their supply chain with both products complementing one another. The user is able to stack the Collapsible Containers on top of the Pally Magnum and secure them with the Loadhog Pallet Lid making this system one of the most versatile within our product range.