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Layer Pad - Smartpad

The intelligent glass bottle/canned good packaging system prevents the collapse of pallets during transportation, storage and filling

Quick Stats

  • 1200 x 1000 mm

  • 1200 x 1000 mm

  • 1418 x 1088 mm

  • 1418 x 1088 mm

  • 1422 x 1118 x 3.5 mm


Pallets packed to “standard industry practice” are susceptible to catastrophic load collapse. The overall load stability is significantly improved with the use of the innovative, contoured, reusable plastic layer pad; Smartpad.

The improved stability is the key reason our Smartpad has been adopted by glassmakers, as the percentage of bottles fallen from the line reduces massively once this system is adopted. A trial of our product is the best way to see the increases in efficiency, contact the Loadhog sales team to start the process of improving your supply chain: Contact Us >>

The design also improves the safety of pack movement pre-strapping making it safer for your workforce, provides reduced CO2 emissions in the supply chain and is a significant factor in the elimination of bottle scuffing.

Additional services Loadhog provide for Smartpad users includes the washing, re-distribution of cleaned pads, and collection of used dirty pads. In addition to the state of the art wash plant at our Sheffield base, we invested in a second in Portugal to service our European Smartpad customers more effectively. These wash plants offer the most rigorous hygiene controls seen within the marketplace with the ability to service over 1 million Smartpads a month.

Key Benefits

  • Significantly increases stability – Proven to significantly increase pallet stability and therefore reduce collapsed glass pallets and number bottles fallen from the line.
  • Maximising packing densities – Allowing the number of bottles to be maximised on each layer, including corner bottles.
  • Improving transport efficiency – Reducing CO2 emissions in the supply chain and health and safety issues from fallen bottle incidents.
  • Reducing shroud thickness – The Smartpad system is more stable therefore permitting a reduction in shroud thickness, further reducing costs.
  • Reducing shroud damage – The Smartpad’s perimeter has a radius edge that allows the shroud to wrap-around it preserving its integrity.
  • Innovative wave-edge – The Smartpad’s waved edge actively encourages bottles to migrate towards the centre when subjected to vibrations during automated handling and transit.

Washing and pooling

A state of the art wash plant able to facilitate over 1 million Smartpads a month and a fleet of Loadhog hauliers able to support the pooling of your returnable packaging.

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