Quality & Environmental Policy

As a leading UK based manufacturer of re-useable transit packaging, we have made ourselves aware of the consequential impacts our operations have on the quality of our products & the environment.



Loadhog’s commitment to environmental protection is shown through our dedicated, controlled, life cycle perspective. At every stage of our supply chain we evaluate how our processes will effect the environment.

All products designed within the last 3 years have been given the ability to be made using recycled plastic parts, which in turn helps our customers improve on their own carbon footprints. When new products are designed, we not only look at the materials we can source, but the way that the product can be manufactured. Innovation through tooling has shown vast reductions in energy usage across our 120,000 ft2 manufacturing site.

Loadhog has recently invested in a new fleet of fuel efficient LGV’s, showing reductions of carbon emissions of 14% through 2017. In addition, all pallets have a minimum amount of one-trip packaging protecting goods, making our impact of “waste to landfill” significantly lower than others within our markets. Loadhog works with all our customers to offer buy back schemes on all products at their end-of-life. Our on-site recycling centre, reprocesses used plastic and gives us the ability to re-use when manufacturing new products for our customers. In addition, this offers significant financial benefits to our customers by receiving rebates against the price of new goods.

Loadhog is committed to being as green as possible. We are conscious of our local and global environment, and are always happy to speak with new parties on how we can reduce our impact further.


Our aim is to provide Loadhog packaging solutions to consistently meet our customers’ expectations. To achieve that aim we must supply our customers with the quality solutions they want. We are committed to an effective and efficient management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The continued improvement of our People, Customer service, and Supplier relationships, is fundamental and will continue to be our guiding principle. We will measure our success by the introduction of new products, the continuous improvement of existing products and by working closely with our customers to provide innovative solutions for the movement of goods. Top management will formulate business plans annually, including top level performance measures and targets, and ensure the routine monitoring, measurement and achievement of these during management reviews.”




The environmental stance taken by Loadhog has been externally recognised and awarded. Our commitment to care for the environment is translated into company policy in the following ways:

  • We will continue to develop and market transit packaging solutions designed to reduce the environmental impact of our customers operations.
  • We will, through intelligent product design, maximise opportunities to use recycled and “in-house” recycled materials for the manufacture of our products and to continue to ensure our products are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life’s.
  • Ongoing development of our formal Environmental Management System.
  • We will not knowingly violate any requirement imposed on our operations by applicable legislation or regulation. We will maintain systems to ensure legislative compliance, operating to official guidance and to appropriate industry best practice.
  • We will liase with our suppliers and customers to find practical, mutually cost effective ways to minimise environmental impacts of common concern.
  • Integrate environmental concerns into all planning and design decisions, maintenance and management of all properties and equipment.
  • To continuously exceed the requirements of the International Standards Organisation, ISO 14001:2004.
  • We commit to continual improvement and prevention of pollution.

The effectiveness of these commitments will be monitored by evaluating our environmental performance.

This Policy Statement will be reviewed annually.