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Quality & Environmental Policy

As a leading UK based manufacturer of re-useable transit packaging, we have made ourselves aware of the consequential impacts our operations have on the quality of our products & the environment.


Loadhog’s commitment to environmental protection is shown through our dedicated, controlled, life cycle perspective. At every stage of our supply chain we evaluate how our processes will effect the environment.

All products designed within the last 3 years have been given the ability to be made using recycled plastic parts, which in turn helps our customers improve on their own carbon footprints. When new products are designed, we not only look at the materials we can source, but the way that the product can be manufactured. Innovation through tooling has shown vast reductions in energy usage across our 120,000 ft2 manufacturing site.

Loadhog has recently invested in a new fleet of fuel efficient LGV’s, showing reductions of carbon emissions of 14% through 2017. In addition, all pallets have a minimum amount of one-trip packaging protecting goods, making our impact of “waste to landfill” significantly lower than others within our markets. Loadhog works with all our customers to offer buy back schemes on all products at their end-of-life. Our on-site recycling centre, reprocesses used plastic and gives us the ability to re-use when manufacturing new products for our customers. In addition, this offers significant financial benefits to our customers by receiving rebates against the price of new goods.

Loadhog is committed to being as green as possible. We are conscious of our local and global environment, and are always happy to speak with new parties on how we can reduce our impact further.


It is the Policy of Loadhog to comply with all legal and other requirements applicable to our activities, and to provide the highest level of quality assurance and care to our customers, employees and to the environment in which we operate. We have adopted an integrated management system that meets the requirements of ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

We have assessed and evaluated the environmental impact and risks arising out of our operations in order to protect the environment.

We will provide the necessary resources to ensure controls are maintained to eliminate all unplanned events, and prevent pollution. In order to achieve this, a programme of management improvement plans has been developed that ensures continual improvement of the management system & the company’s performance by:

  • Reducing waste within the business
  • Minimizing consumption
  • Conserving energy
  • Reducing emissions

To achieve this we will

  • Fully assess all our operations and determine controls necessary to reduce risk
  • Ensure employees are properly trained
  • Meet our compliance obligations
  • Ensure equipment and buildings are adequately serviced and maintained
  • Consider planned and new developments in our processes, products and services that may affect the environment or risks levels
  • Measure our performance against set targets
  • Consult and communicate the results to all interested parties, including customers and sub contractors

These plans include objectives and targets that are appropriate to the nature, scale and impacts of our activities, products and services.

ISO 90012015 Certificate

ISO 140012015 Certificate

ISO 220002005 Certificate

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