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School Pupils ‘Get Real’ About International Business First-hand

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School Pupils ‘Get Real’ About International Business First-hand

A director of Loadhog, spent two hours explaining to a group of GSCE pupils how success in their studies can help them achieve in the ‘real’ business world and the importance of international communications.

The eleven 15 to 16 year old pupils from King Ecgbert, due to take their French exams and considering opting for an A level in a modern foreign language, gained an insight into a company with international links.

It was Loadhog’s sales director, Frenchman Damien Montagne who outlined the company’s mission which focuses on reducing, recycling and reusing plastic in addition to facilitating transit. He presented Loadhog’s product range and stressed the importance of communication, not only in English but other languages, in order to establish and build positive business relationships and understand clients’ needs.

Since the turn of the millennium the number of teenagers learning foreign languages in UK secondary schools has dropped by 45% according to the BBC. This begs the question, are pupils being exposed enough to international business environments? Are pupils aware of the benefits, having a foreign language under their belt, can have?

The pupils’ visit was the idea of Helen Smith, head of modern languages at the Sheffield secondary school, who said: “After five years at the school this was an opportunity to get pupils interested in business and understand that communication is the key not only to bridging the gap between school and business but also to their future career.

“One pupil commented ‘We learnt so much in those two hours about careers and what skills we have now and will need in the future’. I would like to thank Loadhog and Damien for bringing our learning to life.”

Posted: 25/04/2019
Author: Margaret Laver
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