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Contract Moulding

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In addition to manufacturing our own products, we offer a contract moulding service whereby customers can utilise our state of the art injection moulding machines and manufacturing expertise.


With an existing customer base in diverse industries from construction to retail, many of our current contract moulding clients are long term, full manufacture agreements. Despite this, we are equally adept at facilitating trials, initial testing programmes and one-off production runs.

We are capable of producing shot weights ranging from 0.2kg to 8kg, providing enough flexibility on site to account for most customer’s needs. If required, a full bespoke package can be tailored to your needs.

Facilities Available

Daylight Shot PP g GF Platen Dimensions
Name Machine Tonnage Min Max Solid Mucell Ready Vertical Horizontal
Mick Engel 1700 800 3350 8000 n/a N 1400 1680
Keith Engel Mucell 1700 800 3350 8000 6500 N 1400 1680
Ronnie Engel Mucell 900 500 2100 4000 3000 Y 840 1120
Jimi Engel 500 350 1650 1800 n/a Y 840 840
Eric Engel 250 300 1050 350 n/a Y 420/830 560/880
Bruce Engel 120 200 500 164 n/a Y 490/705 420/810
Charlie Engel 100 148 430 116 n/a Y 490/705 420/810


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