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New Product Development

We’re committed to introducing new, patented products designed with the express purpose of solving problems...

Our R&D Objective

25% of our turnover must come from products less than four years old.

Innovation in RTP

Based at our head office in Sheffield, in a purpose built creative workspace with an extensive engineering workshop, modern 3D printing and the best rapid prototyping facilities, are a crack team of designers and engineers, focussed on delivering the best in returnable transit packaging.

Our design team is the backbone to Loadhog’s continuing growth through innovation & new product development. We have established a reputation for delivering innovative and unique returnable transit packaging solutions into a range of industries. In percentage terms, our annual spend on research and new product development is comparable with many leading technology companies making us unique in our markets.

From understanding the problem, through initial concept generation, to building prototypes in our fully equipped workshop, we are able to turn idea into reality quickly. Many of our most successful projects have been conducted in close collaboration with our customers, allowing us to deliver innovative products that are specifically designed to provide them with a unique solution.

Special Product Configuration

We work directly with customers to better understand their challenges; this is essential in achieving solution-led product goals. We offer special product configurations to ensure the solution provided is the best possible solution for the customer.

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