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“During the first two years of Agilenville’s launch, the breakage of the containers and Dollys was a real problem that affected our operating costs. Since we have been using the Loadhog Helios containers and their Dollys, we haven’t experienced any more breakages. This has resulted in significant cost and environmental benefits for us.”

Michael Mahut
Founder, Agilenville

Benefits Experienced

Reduced breakage rate

The 100% tessellating lid design of the Loadhog Helios container and the robustness of the Dollys have enabled the company to reduce its breakage rate by 75%. Thanks to the longevity of the products, Agilenville has achieved yearly savings of 4,000 euros and has reduced its waste generation.

Improved brand awareness

The aesthetics of the Agilenville packaging is important as they are used for last mile deliveries. The containers, customised with the Agilenville logo, increase the company’s visibility and improve its brand awareness. The personalisation of the containers allows them to communicate their image wherever the bicycles go

Improved ergonomics

The Helios containers are lighter than those used by competitors in the past. This makes it easier for delivery personnel to carry, hold and handle the containers and improves their working conditions.

Storage space savings

In comparison to competitors’ products, the tessellating lid design of the Helios offers a complete nesting. This allows Agilenville to save space when stacking and increases the filling of the storage space.



reduced breakage rate


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