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Stack & Nest - Stack & Nest Container 43

The Stack & Nest Container is a robust tray that stacks when full and nests when empty and is used extensively within the postal industry & for small parts within manufacturing

Quick Stats

  • 188

  • 25

  • 400 x 300

  • 23

  • 0.92


The Loadhog Stack & Nest Container is a 400 x 300 x 190 mm plastic container designed to increase overall supply chain efficiency and has been adopted by many distribution centres throughout Europe for its ergonomic handling and space saving features.

Substantial increased efficiency and cost savings are made by using this particular tote with the Pally & Lid as a complete system providing a more efficient alternative to roll cages with up to 40% additional vehicle fill within a 40ft container. The Stack & Nest is a perfect mail tray for all types of letters and flats and the system can be used throughout the supply chain to ensure items are only handled once. It has been designed to work with today’s automation and sortation systems as well as existing mail handling equipment to reduce spending when adopting a new solution.

The Stack & Nest has been adopted by various manufacturers due to its compact footprint and the robust nature of the container walls. Small parts can be sorted for a smooth operation and empty containers can be nested and stored within the warehouse and when returning empties within the postal industry taking up to 50% less space.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 42% additional vehicle fill with pally and lid system – 64 pally and lid systems can fit within a 40 ft trailer compared to 45 roll cages.
  • Increased return efficiencies – Stack when full and rotate 180° to Nest the container for better return efficiencies.
  • Pally and Lid compatible – A cyclical RTP system, versatile and easy to handle from in the DC to delivery.
  • Compatible with existing mail sortation systems – Our products are constantly being developed through customer and industry led research… Innovation starts with you!

Accessories & Options

  • Stack & Nest Security Seals – Security seals available for various levels of security requirements.
  • Optional lid – The optional lid fully integrates within the Stack and Nest container and can be used to provide additional tamper proof security.