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UN Certified Container

Conforming to UN standards and approved for the transport of dangerous materials within packaging groups I, II, & III

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The ultimate goal for waste management centres when packing dangerous goods is to pack it in a manner to prevent the escape of the hazardous material contained within it. This is accomplished by utilizing UN certified packaging which we can supply to suit your specific needs.


International agreements for the carriage of dangerous goods require packaging to be of a design-type, certified by a national competent authority. The tests we carry out on our container’s focus on the ability to withstand heavy dropping and stacking. These tests are repeated by an external laboratory to obtain the certification required. The certification itself is one of the highest on the market in this category and since its introduction we have seen a high degree of popularity amongst waste management companies across the UK and Europe as well as other unexpected applications.

More cost-effective than a UN certified cardboard box, this container is reusable with an inner bag (minimum 90 microns) and cable seal, which can be incinerated with its contents. We manufacture a choice of 250, 310, 365 or 400 mm depths all certified for varying payload levels.

The standard container is manufactured in hi-visibility orange polypropylene and fitted with a permanently attached strap, however bespoke branding can be offered (minimum order quantities apply). If you would like to discuss your needs for UN certified packaging get in touch with our expert engineers in the field. Contact Us >>

The UN Certified range also works in conjunction with the Loadhog Pally & Lid for ultimate security and maneuverability of hazardous materials. The UN Certified Container also features the innovative tessellating lid design enabling increased vehicle fill of up to 10% when returning empties.