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Collapsible Container - Collapsible Container 64

Loadhog’s ergonomic collapsible container is a strong, lightweight and versatile tote able to collapse to a smaller proportion of it’s height within it’s own footprint.

Quick Stats

  • 320, 400

  • 77.5, 77.5

  • 600 x 400

  • 63, 80

  • 4:1, 5:1


This stable, robust and lightweight container is a versatile solution used in a wide range of industries and applications with various space saving and operationally efficient features.

Collapsible storage boxes with lids are currently used by retailers to improve picking efficiency in the warehouse and shelf replenishment in store. With the return efficiencies of empty containers being particularly important in this sector the Collapsible Container is the perfect solution. This new Loadhog innovation has been developed to confront current issues with comparing totes in the marketplace. Our product design team and testing engineers moulded this product with the objective to maximise ergonomic handling and high impact resistance. In comparison to Attached Lid Containers of the same footprint and height they can provide increased volume due to the straight walls.

Key Benefits

  • Space saving return efficiencies  – The Collapsible Container boasts a stacking ratio of up to 5:1 increasing vehicle fill when returning empties and saving storage space in the warehouse.
  • Vertical bump fit walls – Walls remain vertical without handling making it easier for user to collapse and construct the tote.
  • Reinforced corners and base – Increases capacity, impact resistance and durability.
  • Fully Integrated Lids – Fully integrated lids are available for protection of goods within.
  • Pally and Lid compatible – All of our containers work in conjunction with the Loadhog Pally & Lid system to provide the ultimate RTP solution, completely eliminating one-trip packaging.
  • Multiple heights available – The Collapsible Container 64 is available in two heights; 320 & 400mm, to suit various requirements, maximising the efficiency per load.

Accessories & Options

  • Identification features – Various labelling locations and optional embossed labelling.
  • Optional Divider – Vertical bump fit walls remain vertical without handling ensuring easy handling of the container.
  • Collapsible Container Security Seals – Security seals available for various levels of security requirements.