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Collapsible Container - Collapsible Container 64

An ergonomic collapsible plastic box able to reduce down to 1/5 of its own height within its own footprint

This stable, robust and lightweight container is a versatile solution used in a wide range of industries and applications with various space saving and operationally efficient features.


Collapsible storage boxes with lids are currently used by retailers to improve picking efficiency in the warehouse and shelf replenishment in store. With the return efficiencies of empty containers being particularly important in this sector the Collapsible Container is the perfect solution. This new Loadhog innovation has been developed to confront current issues with comparing totes in the marketplace. Our product design team and testing engineers moulded this product with the objective to maximise ergonomic handling and high impact resistance. In comparison to Attached Lid Containers of the same footprint and height they can provide increased volume due to the straight walls.

Not only can the Collapsible Container withstand the harsh environments of a factory or warehouse but it can be erected and then collapsed once again within 11 seconds using only one hand if necessary. The vertical bump-fit walls make the container especially nice to handle ensuring that each side remains vertical without having to hold it up. The additional features such as the 50/50 divider and integrated lid are optional and removed and re-attached with ease. The return efficiencies are massive with this container type in particular, boasting a 5:1 stacking ratio. Consequently 500 full Collapsible Containers will fill a 40ft container, whereas when empty, collapsed and stacked, 2,500 can be transported safely.

The Collapsible Container has also been designed to collaborate with the other products within the Loadhog range as referenced below. The Pally Magnum is used in conjunction with the Collapsible Container by the global sports retailer Decathlon to improve efficiency throughout their supply chain with both products complementing one another.  The Pally Magnum is also collapsible, stackable and its surface is designed to integrate with the base of the Collapsible for stable a collaboration of the two containers. This large collapsible storage container is attached to a Pally to enable easy movement of the goods around the DC or warehouse. With these two container types working together, this fully integrated, collapsible RTP system is easier to use and more versatile than that of any other collapsible bulk containers or bulk handling solution within the marketplace.

This system also works very well within the automotive & manufacturing industries with the collapsible features providing increased efficiency gains in comparison to a Eurobox. The Collapsible Container is used within OEM supply chains for small, high-volume parts that eventually make up the final product.

The postal, ecommerce & logistics sectors have also began incorporating plastic collapsible containers into their supply chains replacing less efficient plastic containers or other more traditional methods such as one trip packaging like cardboard boxes. With new companies and their customers fast realising the damage of single use materials, supply chains are beginning to switch out one-trip packaging for reusable transit packaging (RTP) Read Full Article >>.