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Airbag Disposal UK

68% Procurement Saving

“After visiting Loadhog’s site we were eager to get on board with their products. The UN Containers are applicable to our company on a day to day basis; both in the workshop and on the road. The prices were fair and affordable and we look forward to working with Loadhog in the future with the latest additions to their UN Certified product range.” Josh Askwith, Director & Operations Manager, Airbag Disposal UK


Experienced Benefits

Cost Saving
Loadhog’s UN Containers are 33% lighter than the metal containers previously used. Not only is it cheaper to procure packaging per pallet footprint but fuel costs are also reduced due to the reduced weight.

Easier Handling
These reusable plastic containers are durable and do not require as much maintenance and they are easy to lift and carry. Furthermore they can be stacked without using a forklift.

Professional Appearance
This packaging solution looks professional when used for collections from clients. They also look great on our shop floor when we have clients in, even when stored away due to the tessellating lids.

Enhanced Security
We can attach our security tags to the UN Certified Containers which is one of our standard operating procedures for collecting airbag waste. The attached strap also enhances the security of the hazardous materials within.

Operational Saving
68% procurement saving