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“Our experience with the application of Loadhog’s containers is absolutely positive. They helped improve our performance significantly. According to our operators, the closure of the lids allow the stacking of several containers, thus improving considerably the vehicle fill and keeping it tidy. The Loadhog ALC are very resistant and light, so that, even after several years of use, we’ve never experienced any breakage of the product. We thus very warmly recommend the Loadhog adventure to all!”

Matteo Cantaro
Marketing Manager, For Services

Loadhog For Services Case Study

Benefits Experienced

Increased vehicle fill

15% increase in vehicle fill compared to cardboard. Containers can be stacked and then nested on the way back.

Increased security

The use of security seals has enabled to overcome the problem of flaps breakages and has increased the customer experience. Before implementing the Loadhog products, 4 to 5% of the containers had been opened before being delivered. Now it has dropped to 0%.

Reduction in product damages

Thanks to the container’s lid, goods are less likely to break during transport. Complaints about broken or missing products have been reduced by 2.85%.

Space optimisation & picking efficiency

Using the Helios, For Services managed to achieve a major space saving in its warehouse. Thanks to the perfect verticality of the tessellated Helios lids, it has been possible to use 4 containers instead of 3 to pick on the metal trolleys used to pick goods.



Increased vehicle fill


Case Study