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"The Loadhog system brings us significant labour efficiencies and flow in every stage of the logistics process: DC, transport and in store. In store, the mobility of the Pally and the coloured lid sortation system has decreased the time taken for shelf replenishment by upto 30%, making our employees more available to our customers." 

Logistics Director, Medi-Market

Benefits Experienced

Continuity / Workflow

There is a continuity during the whole logistics process and the product is easy to use and beneficial in every stage of the process.

Increased vehicle fill

6 Pally’s fit into the small delivery vehicle used vs the original approach of 5 roll cages.

Time savings

The combination of the removal of stretch wrap, the coloured lid sortation system & quicker shelf replenishment in store has increased employee availability and consequently increased sales.

Professional & Clean

The product is clean and professional in store making the company more presentable and less of a hindrance to our customers.


30% Less time spent replenishing shelves

Operational Saving


Case Study