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Customer led research is the key driver in Loadhog's innovation process and we want you to contact us if you need help finding a handling & logistics solution within your sector

A number of Loadhog products were developed in response to problems identified in retail supply chains. The benefits sought being; reduction of transport, labour and consumable packaging costs, increased vehicle fill and overall greater efficiency within retail supply chains.


Our returnable transit packaging products are designed for use throughout retail operations with every stage of the supply chain in mind; from the DC where the Pally & Lid can be used to easily manoeuvre and stack large quantities of goods, through to transport where the footprint of a Pally and Lid can increase vehicle fill up to 40% in comparison to a roll cage, right up to the point of which the Pally can be used as a merchandising unit for replacing fast selling products in store.

The ALC range is adopted massively by various fashion retailers around Europe with 3 ranges established to cater to the varying needs within the market today. The HogBox (Stackable Bulk Container) was designed to combine the benefits of a large pallet box and the ease of handling a small tote. The worlds largest ALC is used by Dunelm, one of Loadhog’s oldest customers, and on a daily basis this modular handling system significantly reduces the time taken to transport goods from warehouse to shelves in store.

One of our latest innovations, the Collapsible Container, was developed to solve issues a major sports retailer was having with other containers available in the market. The Loadhog Collapsible Container was designed meticulously with a focus on ease of handling and damage prevention to not only ensure that employees within the warehouse could erect and collapse the tote quickly but also safeguard that the tote would have greater longevity than comparing containers in this harsh environment.