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Retail, E-commerce & Last Mile

Retailers have accelerated innovation in returnable packaging in aid of faster delivery times and easier accessibility of goods for their customers. Speed of process is essential in retaining a competitive advantage with often the finite details within the design of the packaging having the most significant effect on a modern supply chain’s efficiency. With more and more retailers investing in E-retail we have developed packaging systems that seamlessly integrate with automation technology to deliver cost perfection.


Key benefits sought after:

  • Automation compatibility
  • Lightweight ergonomic containers
  • Space saving efficiencies throughout
  • Increased vehicle fill & return efficiencies
  • Maximised handling efficiency from end-to-end
  • Savings on consumable, labour and transport costs
  • Custom design & better aesthetics


Food Retail

Utility of space is extremely important within retail, whether it be in store or inside the vehicle transporting the goods from the distribution centre. Our Pally and Lid system can increase vehicle fill up to 40% in comparison to a roll cage due to the smaller footprint size. The Pally can then be wheeled straight onto the shop floor and locked in place as an instant retail display, removing double handling in back of store.

Transportation of perishable goods needs to be clean safe and temperature controlled. Our Isothermal Containers are easy to assemble and easy to clean and can be used to transport food, medicines and other perishable items with long lasting temperature control ensured from 12h up to 48h. In-store shopping is all about the experience and we therefore offer special product configurations and custom branding to ensure professional presentation of your brand.

Non-food retail

Non-food retailers are looking to achieve the most efficient movement of products supplied in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Our versatile packaging solutions are cross-range compatible, enabling the user to invest in a custom packaging solution that fits their needs entirely. The Collapsible Container is used in conjunction with the Pally Container by a major sports retailer enabling them to realize benefits throughout their global supply chain with a fully collapsible and stackable packaging system.

Our Attached Lid Containers are utilised by various fashion retailers around the world. We have become the experts in the design of this particular product with 3 distinguished ranges; the Helios, Apollo & Artemis. We offer a vast range of capacities from 22 litres to 190. Our original design, the Helios ALC, has a patented lid design enabling 100% lid tessellation, increasing vehicle fill up to 10% when returning empties. We also developed the world’s largest ALC, otherwise known as the Half Pallet Container. This stackable bulk container is pooled around for one of our long lasting partners, Dunelm, reducing the time taken to transport home furnishings from warehouse to shelves.

E-Commerce & Last Mile Delivery

E-commerce has accelerated supply chains, initiating the investment in automated warehousing as well as last mile delivery. Our Apollo & Artemis Attached Lid Containers are designed to work in conjunction with automation technology with strengthened ribbed bases that reduce noise pollution on conveyor systems, thicker rounded corners that rebound off conveyor walls and collar designs that can be picked up by warehouse robotics. Transportation aids such as Dollies and wheeled containers are used widely by retailers to navigate home delivery distribution networks. With various castor types and Dolly footprints we can meet the needs of varying terrain and vehicle capacities. We have a wide assortment of containers fitting within a euro footprint used by various retailers, including a national French supermarket chain, to facilitate click & collect shopping.

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