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Helios: Attached Lid Container

The Helios is the original Loadhog ALC featuring an innovative tessellating lid design, reducing the likelihood of damage and allowing for greater logistics gains and increased vehicle fill

An Attached Lid Container for any application

Historically this product type has been adopted within large manually operated supply chains due to the products’ light weight and efficient nesting features. However supply chains are changing and every customer is requesting a tailored selection of design features and benefits. Many large retail & eCommerce operations have already invested in Loadhog’s ALC range with each container being a different product configuration suited to that customer’s specific application.

We have therefore worked hard to ensure that various design features can be swapped out so you can build a product configuration suited to your needs, making our ALC product range as versatile as our customers require them to be. Included within our range are the Helios, the Apollo and the Artemis, contact our sales team today to find a container solution that suits your needs: Contact Us >>

Stackable when full and nestable when empty, the Attached Lid Container is effective as a standalone product, or can form the perfect reusable packaging solution when used in conjunction with the Pally & Lid system.

This particular type of reusable container is especially popular with non-food retailers due to its lightweight yet robust design making it perfect for operations within distribution centres. The crocodile tooth lid design enables maximum strength when stacking and the tessellating lid feature increases efficiency when storing and returning empties with a 10% increase in vehicle fill within a 40ft container.

Our Attached Lid Container range is constantly developing through customer & industry led research. The range now contains a variety of designs fit for purpose including a design that works perfectly with automation systems as well as a UN Certified range.

All Loadhog containers have been designed and tested to ensure they are fit for a wide range of industrial applications, however if you have specific design requirements for a large project we can discuss a solution tailored to your needs. Each application varies and we are dedicated to ensuring the resulting solution provides the best possible supply chain efficiency gains. We can also provide bespoke colours, labelling and branding (minimum order quantities apply). Please consult the Loadhog sales team for any bespoke requirements you may have: (0)114 2800 800.