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Dollies - Pally 86

The original, patented one touch, end-to-end, supply chain & merchandising solution. One foot press on the pedal mechanism converts the Pally from a pallet to a wheeled dolly

Quick Stats

  • 250, 500

  • 12, 15

  • 800 x 600

  • 196

  • 36, 28


The ease of use and versatility of this product makes it the standout solution for movement of varying loads and makes it a perfect solution for retail supply chains and postal logistics. The Pally has up to a 500kg capacity with an 800 x 600mm footprint.

It also has an inbuilt tray location, manual handling and stacking features and a dedicated push/pull handle location. This product has developed over the years to ensure it is compatible with each and every solution we have launched. Furthermore the Pally is compatible with and safe for use on automated sorting lines, conveyor systems and tail lifts as a pallet but with one touch of the pedal mechanism has the ability to instantly become a dolly at any point in the supply chain. More recently the Pally is also being used in conjunction with auto guided vehicles for maximizing and future-proofing the efficiency of certain postal distribution centres.

Most supply chains benefit from adopting the Pally & Lid as an end to end transit packaging system with application depending on the industry, nonetheless benefits have been discovered in every sector we’ve targeted. Within retail the Pally can be used as a merchandising unit for promotional or fast selling items. It is more professional, stable and quicker to use than a dolly or a roll cage and enables a store to prepare for varying loads within store.

Key Benefits

  • Stable yet manoeuvrable – The lockable pallet feet are easy to use and are more stable than castor breaks allowing the user to manoeuvre and then store 500 kg of goods with ease.
  • Increase vehicle fill up to 42% – When used in conjunction with the Loadhog Pallet Lid, this system provides a better footprint than a roll cage.
  • No pump trucks or forklifts required – The Pally removes the need for pump trucks and forklifts to manoeuvre goods from A to B whether it be in the warehouse, in the factory or in store.
  • Move multiple loads – The Pally Tow Hitch accessory allows the user to connect multiple Pally’s together creating a pally train, increasing the quantity of goods moved in one go.
  • Used as a merchandising unit – The Pally can be used as a merchandising unit for promotional or fast selling items in retail environments.
  • Working with auto guided vehicles – The Pally can be used in conjunction with auto guided vehicles to future proof your business.

Accessories & Options

  • Pally handle –  For ergonomic movements of Pally units. Weight (kg): 1.52 Dimensions (cm): 100 x 32 x 15
  • Tow hitch – For the movement of multiple Pally’s. Weight (kg): 1.12, Dimensions (cm): 31 x 31.5 x 10.5