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Healthcare & Utilities

Customer led research is the key driver in Loadhog's innovation process and we want you to contact us if you need help finding a handling & logistics solution within your sector

Our product range is used in a multitude of industries, all seeking further increased efficiencies within their supply chain. Third Party Logistics or 3PLs have become a loyal customer with our ever advancing ALC range being the most popular product within this sector due to the space saving design features it provides. The ALC Helios range provides 10% additional vehicle fill when returning empties.

Healthcare and Utilities have a similar application of our products to 3PLs due to the nature of transport the goods are carried in. With the goods being transported usually in a large curtain sided lorry to the manufacturer and then typically a smaller delivery van to the end user, the versatility of the RTP solution needs to match the changing nature of the operation. The end goal is to provide these industries with a continuity of workflow throughout the operation. With five height variants within our range and the ability to provide alternative dimensions, customers within this industry can be as flexible as they need to be.

The utilities sector continues to grow within our business with the ways in which providers supply energy and measure usage constantly evolving. The efficiency of their operation is a top priority with these advances. Loadhog have worked with market leaders in manufacturing automation to provide containers that work with supply chains of the future.

The Pally & Lid system has been adopted by the healthcare industry to improve the delivery of medical supplies to hospitals & pharmacies in a patient friendly manner. The application of various lid colours improved stock control for the likes of Medi Market. Changing from the traditional roll cage to a more professional looking Pallet/dolly solution has also decreased labour time within store and in the warehouse.

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